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15 November 2018
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international affairs  13.11.2018 20:57
A British exhibitor' six days at CIIE
A tall and slim British gentleman wearing a neatly pressed suit was present every day at the just-concluded first China International Import Expo (CIIE). With a smiling face as well as a keen eye for business, he benefited a lot at the expo.
society  13.11.2018 20:53
Kazakhstan intends to use underground hot water to obtain light and heat
Almost 40% of Kazakhstan's territory is rich with geothermal hot water. The experience of its use is applied in many states, including Iceland, the USA, Canada, and Turkey.
society  13.11.2018 20:47
US businessmen examine investment capabilities of Kostanay region
Foreign investors are examining the working environment in all regions of Kazakhstan to build plants and farms.
society  12.11.2018 21:27
Unemployment constituted 4.8% in Kazakhstan
The number of unemployed constituted 442 thousand in October 2018.
society  12.11.2018 21:19
Two Kazakhstan's airlines have been suspended
As well as the exploitation of 17 planes has been stopped.
international affairs  12.11.2018 21:16
Possible global risks to Eurasia: Trade wars and rivalry between major Powers
The results of the international study have been announced in Astana.
international affairs  12.11.2018 21:09
Samsung to release foldable phone in first half of 2019
Samsung Electronics Co. will release its new foldable smartphone within the first half of next year, planning to deliver at least 1 million units to the market, its mobile business chief has said.
society  12.11.2018 21:02
Most of the fires in Kazakhstan occur in spheres far away from state control
The damage caused by fire over these years is 12 billion tenge.
international affairs  12.11.2018 20:59
Turkey to expand visa-free regime up to three months for Kazakh citizens
Earlier a visa-free regime for Kazakh citizens in Turkey was 30 days.
international affairs  12.11.2018 20:39
Dimash Kudaibergen performed in the Kremlin
The Kazakh singer sang the song called The love of tired swans.
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Чжан Вэй: Долгосрочная безопасность и стабильность - коренные интересы народа
Народ занимает центральное место" - это концепция правления правительства Китая, которая воплощает в себе основную идею КПК беззаветной службы народу.
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