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21 November 2018
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Up to 60% of Kazakhstan's websites in trade sphere suffer hacking attacks - expert11.09.2018
Society  19:31

In Kazakhstan, websites in the sphere of trade are mostly subject to hacking and fishing sites. It was said by Deputy Director of the National Coordination Information Security Centre Zhanat Zhakupov at the press conference in Almaty.

Over the first half year of this year, examination of 82 websites has been held, during which 2 043 vulnerabilities have been revealed, of which 502 of a high level and 1 541 of a medium level of threat.

According to Zhakupov, the biggest threat for Kazakhstan citizens: remote code execution, reading outside of the bounds of the buffer, a denial of service, the disclosure of information and unreliable algorithms of exchange of encryption keys.

"It mostly occurs in the private sector among ordinary users. Over the given period, more than 100 incidents, 246 cases of creation and dissemination of malware, 8 980 cases of botnets, 915 hacking cases attacks on websites have been recorded. The dynamic is a serious one. In particular, websites in the sphere of trade are subject to hacking and fishing sites, which makes up 60% as they are more popular and focus on the ordinary population. Fishing focuses on stealing official data of credit cards, accounts, e-mails, internet banking, social networks," said Zhanat Zhakupov.

He noted that hackers prefer to do the most popular type of fishing - farming. It means, hackers replace DNS records, causing redirection of the user to the same false website.

Source: BNews.kz

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